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Yedioth Ahronoth
[06:47 AM]   Iran's Guards warn protesters of 'decisive' action if unrest continues
Jerusalem Post
[02:22 AM] Crowds protest in front of Prime Minister Lapid's house
[12:19 AM] US Secretary of State speaks with PA President Abbas
[11:17 PM] Hong Kong's new leader says rule of law is a fundamental value for city
[11:07 PM] Chances for Iran nuclear deal worse after Doha talks -US official
[08:15 PM] Nine people shot in Newark, New Jersey
[02:19 PM] Kobi Mandelblit becomes new IDF censor
[12:54 PM] Talks between Iran, Jordan and Egypt beginning in Baghdad - Iraqi FM
[09:47 AM] Isfiya resident arrested for attacking bus driver
[09:19 AM] Russia's Medvedev says sanctions could be justification for war
[09:16 AM] Biden: US to announce $800 million more weapons aid to Ukraine
[08:54 AM] Masseur arrested for sexual offenses against man in Tel Aviv
[08:51 AM] Ethiopia says gunmen killed 338 people in Oromiya region in June
[07:27 AM] Man charged with stabbing his wife to death in Haifa
[07:26 AM] Sweden, Finland to sign NATO accession protocol on Tuesday, Stoltenberg says
[07:11 AM] Indictment filed against man for committing sexual offenses on women who had ultrasound
[07:04 AM] Six-month-old baby dies after being forgotten in car in Elad
[05:29 AM] Seven dead, 55 feared dead in massive eastern Indian landslide
[05:22 AM] Shas leader Arye Deri's brother sentenced to nine months community service
[03:47 AM] Turkey records first case of monkeypox
[03:03 AM] Israel to supply Cyprus will personal protective equipment systems
[03:03 AM] Israel to supply Cyprus will personal protective equipment systems
[02:07 AM] Metro Law and US Visa waiver law to not advance in Knesset
[12:49 AM] Operation Break the Wave: 12 arrested overnight in the West Bank
[12:48 AM] NYC Council hearing on antisemitism at CUNY to be held Thursday
[10:35 PM] Woman shot, killed while pushing baby stroller in New York City
[09:37 PM] Knesset Law Committee approves election law for second and third reading
[02:23 PM] Salah Abdeslam found guilty of murder in 2015 Paris attacks trial
[02:10 PM] Light earthquake reported in northern Israel - report
[12:39 PM] IAEA loses transmission from Ukraine's Russian-held nuclear power plant
[09:30 AM] Fmr. UN ambassador Danny Danon to run in Likud primaries
Arutz Sheva
[03:59 AM] Watch: How the IDF trains for anti-terrorist operations
[03:57 AM] Four terror suspects apprehended in overnight operation
[03:14 AM] Two eastern Jerusalem youths arrested for attacking police
[03:11 AM] Watch: Youths brandish weapons in Jenin - 'Jihad's our path'
[02:57 AM] Poll: 10 seats for Religious Zionism, 4 for Yamina
[02:42 AM] Watch: Trump teases DeSantis as a potential ticket mate for 2024
[02:34 AM] Death count in rocket strike on Odessa building up to 17
[02:09 AM] Watch: Biden makes another stumble on the world stage
[02:05 AM] 'How many have to die?' Arab women killed for 'betraying' Islam
[01:58 AM] Watch: Israel & Saudi Arabia involved in security negotiations
[01:54 AM] Talking Parsha - Chukat: Why wasn't Miriam mourned?!
[01:51 AM] Covenant & Conversation for Chukat: Anger Management
[01:37 AM] Weekly Torah Study: Chukat
[01:33 AM] Blinken welcomes Israel's new PM Lapid
[01:16 AM] Israel: Price of gas reaches new high
[01:14 AM] Man who threatened LGBT parade detained by police
[01:11 AM] Forecast: No significant change in temperatures
[01:09 AM] Biden to Lapid, Bennett: Looking forward to seeing both of you
[01:05 AM] At least 10 killed after Russia bombs Odessa residential building
[12:52 AM] Major Holocaust exhibit opens at NYC’s Museum of Jewish Heritage
[12:41 AM] Licking Ben & Jerry’s
[12:30 AM] First priority for Israel is Supreme Court reform
[11:48 PM] CUNY head blasted for being no show at antisemitism hearing
[10:43 PM] 70 headstones toppled in Winnipeg Jewish cemetery
[09:38 PM] Mexican president slammed for comparing Jewish critic to Hitler
[08:26 PM] Dutch university staff suspended for calling Jews ‘asocial’
[07:42 PM] How much money does it take to buy happiness?
[07:18 PM] Democrats and Republicans finally agree on something
[06:44 PM] The Logic Defying Power of the Red Heifer Ashes
[06:38 PM] UK founder of ‘Radio Aryan’ podcast station goes on trial
[05:41 PM] Florida targeted for 2nd time this year with antisemitic flyers
[04:58 PM] With NY synagogue's help, 2 Jewish refugees to marry in Israel
[04:56 PM] Gantz orders investigation into defense leaks
[04:39 PM] Suspect arrested for threats against Mitzpe Ramon Pride March
[04:32 PM] How AI tech found Rush singer's mother in a Holocaust photo
[03:56 PM] Young man moderately hurt in Kfar Zeitim car accident
[03:50 PM] New developments in search for haredi teen Moishe Kleinerman
[03:22 PM] Bus drivers' wages increased to NIS 50 an hour
[03:20 PM] Argentina probes Iranian-owned plane amid fears of terror plot
[02:57 PM] 5 hurt in Herziliya traffic accident
[02:36 PM] Netanyahu rival drops out of Likud leadership race
[02:33 PM] ZAKA Israel to be forced to change name
[02:27 PM] Prime Minister Lapid will meet tomorrow with ISA head
[02:24 PM] Bennett's office: Reliance on the Joint List was never considered
[01:56 PM] Bill banning publication of names of terror victims passed
[01:54 PM] Netanyahu to Edelstein: We'll work together for a Likud victory
[01:53 PM] Global leaders decry apartheid accusations against Israel
[01:45 PM] Yuli Edelstein withdraws from Likud leadership race
[01:42 PM] Minister Hendel refuses to sit with Netanyahu
[01:34 PM] Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn-in as US Supreme Court Justice
[01:10 PM] US Supreme Court delivers major blow to climate change activists
[12:58 PM] Omer Barlev: Merav Michaeli has done well as Labor party leader
[12:55 PM] IDF returns Reshon Lezion beach to the residents
[12:21 PM] Ben & Jerry's slams Unilever for ending anti-Israel boycott
[12:14 PM] Danon slams 'Muslim Brotherhood government'
[12:07 PM] Eilat resident arrested after car chase
[11:56 AM] 60-year-old man was killed when tractor overturns
[11:55 AM] What is the biggest challenge for immigrant children?
[11:52 AM] Knesset approves bill proscribing lengthy prison term for child abuse
[11:46 AM] Avidgor Liberman: 'We'll do everything we can to keep Netanyahu out of office'
[11:39 AM] Woman hit by motorcycle in Jerusalem
[11:38 AM] Korach: A rebel in The Torah?
[11:37 AM] IDF refuses to permit march for Jewish suspect near Ariel
[11:35 AM] MK Cohen: Lapid dealing with Iran is very worrying
[11:33 AM] Shimrit Meir: Bennett succumbed to blackmail
[11:32 AM] The shallow brook we dare not cross
[11:28 AM] The shallow brook we dare not cross
[11:27 AM] 2 children injured in fall from ATV in Rahat
[11:20 AM] Trump: Netanyahu disappointed me - but overall I liked him
[11:10 AM] Trump: Netanyahu disappointed me in certain ways, but I liked him
[11:06 AM] Worker struck by heavy object in Zimar
[10:54 AM] Water tariffs to rise tomorrow
[10:52 AM] Worker injured in Ashkelon
[10:51 AM] Teachers' Union: School year won't begin without a deal
[10:39 AM] Acre mayor cancels performance by BDS-supporting rapper Tamer Nafar
[10:37 AM] Israel's president meets incoming Prime Minister Yair Lapid
[10:22 AM] Labor Party primaries to be held July 18
[10:09 AM] Hezog to Lapid: Don't forget you have a state to run during election
[10:03 AM] Senior Israeli missionary returns to Judaism after nine years
[09:54 AM] Euro, dollar strengthen against shekel
[09:52 AM] Liberman: Most important thing is preventing Netanyahu from being PM
[09:25 AM] Will Bennett's Ra'anana neighbors finally get their homes back?
[09:23 AM] LGBT graffiti accuses outspoken rabbi of being a 'Nazi'
[09:05 AM] MK Gamliel: Change system so only leaders of large parties can be PM
[08:54 AM] Israel inches closer to approving vaccines for young children
[08:29 AM] Bennett, Lapid, hold modest handover ceremony
[08:04 AM] Watch: Did WH spokeswoman just make a career ending slip up?
[07:56 AM] Watch: Will 'bombshell' testimony land Trump in jail?
[07:55 AM] Infant girl dies after being left in hot car
[07:44 AM] Blue and White MK: We turned down every Likud offer outright
[07:40 AM] Shaked may offer MK Yoaz Hendel a spot on Yamina list
[07:34 AM] Dr. Anthony Fauci: 'America's doctor' feeling 'really poorly' after COVID rebound
[07:08 AM] Watch: Is Ukraine approaching its end?
[06:59 AM] Mother, drunk, arrested on suspicion of child abuse
[06:59 AM] 'Genuinely evil' - AOC to run for President?
[06:54 AM] Yesh Atid MK: 'Haredim will be an integral part of a govt headed by Lapid'
[06:51 AM] Watch: Will your tax dollars be funding abortions?
[06:42 AM] 'Just a commodity' - Smuggling attempt that left 53 dead
[06:23 AM] Smotrich: Knesset dissolved because of 'small people'
[06:06 AM] Saudi Arabia gets it right
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