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Yedioth Ahronoth
[06:47 AM]   Iran's Guards warn protesters of 'decisive' action if unrest continues
Jerusalem Post
[05:16 PM] IDF prepares to demolish homes of Elad terrorists
[12:58 PM] WW2 bomb found in Italian river by a fisherman
[11:04 AM] Iran says success of Vienna nuclear talks depends on Washington's flexibility
[09:51 AM] Taiwan detected 66 Chinese air force planes and 14 warships
[06:36 AM] Israel negotiating Egypt-mediated end to Gaza operation
[05:29 AM] Russia's Chubais discharged from Italian hospital after treatment -report
[04:09 AM] 22-year-old man arrested on suspicion of raping younger sister since she was 8
[02:27 AM] 1st Ukraine ship under grain deal won't dock in Lebanon on time -embassy
[11:36 PM] Taiwan Premier: China used military actions to disrupt peace
[07:09 PM] Stone throwing in Ariel: Man lightly injured
[06:34 PM] IDF arrests senior member of the Islamic Jihad near Jenin - report
[12:40 PM] US President Joe Biden tests negative for COVID-19
[12:09 PM] Western governments are alarmed over Turkey's deepening ties with Russia - FT
[11:01 AM] Israel Police Chief, Bar Lev discuss Operation Breaking Dawn, Tisha Be'av
[09:30 AM] Operation Breaking Dawn: Liberman pushes for immediate aid for South
[08:30 AM] West Bank settlement receives all clear after suspected infiltration
[08:19 AM] Lapid, Netanyahu to meet for Operation Breaking Dawn security brief
[07:50 AM] Blast in Afghan capital Kabul, many feared injured
[06:51 AM] Islamic Jihad leader meets with IRGC leader in Tehran
[01:58 AM] One dead, two injured in Khan Yunis - Palestinian media
[11:42 PM] IDF arrests Islamic Jihad operative in Jenin
[08:12 PM] Taiwan fires flares to warn drones flying over outlying islands
[04:34 PM] Gantz updates US secretary of defense on Gaza escalations
[03:20 PM] Home Front Command website crashes amid overload
[03:16 PM] Residents of Silwan clash with security forces amid Gaza operation
[09:44 AM] Taiwan scrambles jets as 49 Chinese fighters cross Taiwan Strait median line
[09:21 AM] IDF attacks targets in Gaza
[06:17 AM] UN envoy Tor Wennesland visits home of arrested PIJ leader in Jenin
[06:06 AM] Russia kicks out 14 Bulgarian diplomats
[05:53 AM] White House summons Chinese ambassador for rebuke on Taiwan response
Arutz Sheva
[06:20 PM] Lapid commends Barlev for police handling of Tisha B'Av events
[06:15 PM] IDF demolishing homes of Elad terrorists
[06:08 PM] IDF: This is what the Islamic Jihad's failed launches look like
[05:51 PM] Sirens sounded in Gaza envelope region
[05:44 PM] IDF concludes final strikes as part of operation Breaking Dawn
[05:43 PM] Lapid completes situation assessment in Kirya base in Tel Aviv
[05:38 PM] Sirens sounded in Sderot and the area
[05:32 PM] Gaza ceasefire comes into force
[05:24 PM] IDF: Initial report – sirens sounded in West Lachish area
[05:20 PM] IDF: Initial report – sirens sounded in Kibbutz Kissufim
[05:18 PM] IDF attacking targets in Gaza Strip
[05:15 PM] Sirens sounded in Be'er Sheva
[05:02 PM] From Peru to Samaria: The story behind a mass conversion of Peruvians to Judaism
[05:02 PM] Israel confirms Gaza ceasefire to begin at 11:30 p.m.
[04:28 PM] 47 Israelis treated during Gaza shelling
[04:28 PM] As conflict continues, demand spikes for counter-terror teams
[04:24 PM] Red Alert in Gaza border towns
[04:00 PM] Chants of 'Allahu Akhbar' accompany Tel Aviv rocket sirens
[03:55 PM] Why are Dems lining up to support the Cheneys?
[03:47 PM] Report: Islamic Jihad agrees to ceasefire set to begin at 11:30 p.m.
[03:24 PM] Minister of Defense instructs IDF: Prepare for continued fighting
[03:17 PM] Islamic Jihad: Ceasefire to take effect at 11:30 pm
[03:12 PM] Trump: Pelosi gave China an excuse to attack Taiwan
[03:03 PM] Who's behind the terror group fighting Israel from Gaza?
[02:57 PM] Rocket falls in front lawn of Sderot home
[02:55 PM] Israel: No rocket interception above Ben Gurion
[02:53 PM] Wounded man in Ashkelon: PA Arab from Hebron
[02:51 PM] One person reported lightly injured from rocket attack in Ashkelon
[02:50 PM] Netanyahu: Anti-Israel Americans have allied themselves with 'medievalists'
[02:49 PM] IDF: 1 of every 5 rockets has landed within Gaza Strip
[01:57 PM] Rocket barrage launched towards Tel Aviv
[01:55 PM] 16 lightly wounded following rocket attacks
[01:52 PM] Islamic Jihad: No ceasefire agreement with Israel
[01:51 PM] More than 50 rockets fired in the last half hour
[01:50 PM] No reports of casualties from latest rocket attacks
[01:45 PM] Homefront Command: Residents of South must enter protected areas
[01:43 PM] IDF targets 2 Islamic Jihad bases
[01:40 PM] Rocket sirens in Tel Aviv and central Israel
[01:39 PM] Watch: Who was the senior terrorist eliminated by Israel?
[01:32 PM] Foreign worker lightly wounded from rocket shrapnel
[01:30 PM] 950 rockets fired since beginning of Gaza fighting
[01:27 PM] Arab media: 5 killed in IDF strike on Gaza
[01:26 PM] ‘Complete lack of clarity’ - Is the US behind China tensions?
[12:57 PM] Watch: Smoke shop owner stabs would-be thief multiple times
[12:46 PM] 3 days in: 97% success rate in Iron Dome interceptions
[12:39 PM] Archaeologists shed light on Roman siege of Jerusalem
[12:37 PM] Watch: Martial artist reacts to taking down NYC attacker
[12:29 PM] Watch: WH Press Secretary struggles to answer press questions
[11:51 AM] Red Alert near Kibbutz Sa'ad
[11:49 AM] IDF bombs 11 rocket launchers in Gaza
[11:24 AM] Ashkelon hospital: 46 wounded since beginning of attacks
[11:19 AM] Red Siren in Ashkelon, Lachish region
[11:17 AM] 5 suffering from shrapnel, trauma after rockets land in Be'er Sheva
[11:05 AM] Report: Israel, Islamic Jihad agree to Egyptian-brokered ceasefire
[10:56 AM] Red Alert in Gaza border towns
[10:49 AM] Red Alert sirens in western Negev
[10:48 AM] Lapid visits southern border
[10:47 AM] Reports: Egyptian intelligence official to finalize terms of ceasefire
[10:32 AM] Red Alert in Netiv HaAsara
[10:18 AM] Report: Ceasefire to take effect at 10 pm
[10:12 AM] Electricity outages on southern border after rocket barrage
[10:12 AM] Rockets fired at central Israel as Egypt pushes for ceasefire
[10:05 AM] Rocket falls in southern Israel, no injuries reported
[10:02 AM] Egypt proposes truce between Islamic Jihad, Israel
[09:58 AM] No reports of casualties from latest rocket attacks
[09:50 AM] IDF strikes mortar shell launching pads in Gaza
[09:39 AM] IDF nixes strike on Gaza weapon facility after civilian detected
[09:34 AM] Tisha B’Av; Why mourn?       
[09:28 AM] Cameri Theater invites residents of South to plays free of charge'
[09:23 AM] First rocket alert in Be'er Sheva
[09:22 AM] Red Alert in Netivot area
[09:02 AM] Rocket falls near Route 4
[08:54 AM] IAF attacks rocket launching position
[08:53 AM] EU calls for quick ceasefire
[08:47 AM] More than a hundred citizens report property damage in Ashkelon
[08:46 AM] Rocket sirens in Ashkelon
[08:33 AM] Kinneret region invites residents of Israel's south to Sea of Galilee
[08:32 AM] Soldier was raped 3 times by terrorist at Gilboa Prison
[08:31 AM] Labor party may delay primaries
[08:30 AM] Details released about terrorist suspected of raping guard
[08:25 AM] If I forget thee O Jerusalem...
[08:17 AM] Construction accident in Galilee
[07:54 AM] 75 rocket launchers at Israel today
[07:52 AM] Ukraine supports Operation Breaking Dawn
[07:52 AM] The tip of the iceberg
[07:50 AM] 1580 Jews visit Temple Mount
[07:35 AM] Sirens sound around Gaza Strip
[07:24 AM] Report: Islamic Jihad refuses humanitarian cease-fire
[07:06 AM] IDF attacks rocket launchers
[07:05 AM] Israeli source confirms ceasefire efforts
[07:04 AM] Gantz approves mobilizing reserves
[07:01 AM] BORUCH DAYAN HAEMET: Yaakov Dahan
[06:55 AM] 'We don't want to hurt anyone:' Shabak warning to Gaza resident
[06:51 AM] Rockets fired at Netiv Ha'asarah
[06:32 AM] Haifa workers hospitalized by paint fumes
[06:23 AM] Rockets fired at Nahal Oz
[06:05 AM] Red alert: Ashkelon
[05:58 AM] Netanyahu: I fully support the govt. and the IDF in this battle
[05:49 AM] Joint List MK deletes tweet blaming Israel for children's deaths
[05:48 AM] Two arrested for pepper spray attack
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